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Oct. 4th, 2006 03:23 pm



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Jul. 14th, 2006 04:17 am I just found this funny entry that compares Benji to Simba in the Lion King

I swear that the producers of "SYTYCD" are trying to edit my dear Benji into the plotline of the "Lion King." They made him look during the audition phase as having daddy issues and that he couldn't wait to be "king"....of swing. He came off like a silly immature boy, content to just burp and play all day....until he meets up with his Nala/Donyelle, who gives him the desire to become a man! And now? Well, it looks like Dmitry is set to be cast in the Jeremy Irons/Scar role, and our little Benji will have to have a paso doble battle with him next week to gain back his status and his woman. Now we know why dear, heavily accented Dmitry got to stay tonight, even though his Elvis routine was putrid! gotta love the circle of life folks on these reality shows.....

Some one else goes on to say
Hilarious analogy, right down to the fact that Donyelle actually did LK-esque African dance in her audition. Oh, and Travis and Ivan are totally Timon and Pumbaa. Next season, do we get to see them have little Lion King babies, while we all sing Circle of Life and play African drums?

i thought i was funny

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Jul. 14th, 2006 02:50 am Benji and Donyelle sitting in a tree.....

Ok so I have this stupid sleeping problem (can never go to bed before like 4 am) so tonight I was looking at the so you think you can dance boreds. The first thread I start reading about is about Benji and Donyelle. After reading a few at the end I backtracked my way to this entry that I found from a guy who was at the taping.

Ok, I don't know how to do spoiler tags so LOOK AWAY IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED :)
From TWOP forums, post by Lanae
Okay I PURPOSELY went to the show tonight so I could see the show live and also watch Benji and Donyelle..I kept my eyes on them THE WHOLE NIGHT!!!
First off..I believe they ARE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER!!!!
Okay the way the show works, they tape the ACTS before the show is even aired. But all of the dancers were sitting in the audience with us to watch the PussyCat Dolls. All of the guys were sitting on the front rows and some of the girls were sitting behind them. It was so funnuy cause Benji was acting a FOOL when the pussycat dolls were performing. He was grinning from ear to ear and dancing in the stands and drooling at the same time..It was so funny.

But I noticed he would look behind him and donyelle and you can tell a couple who is gazing at each other and they did that all night.
Once the left and came back to sit on the stage. He had his hands all over her. They kept holding hands and cuddling inbetween the commerical breaks.
Once the news came out that they would seperate, donyelle started crying a little bit and benji kept whispering in her ear, whipping her face and hugging her at the same time. He then grabbed her head and kissed her on the cheek and she bent her head back to continue talking to him with their arms around each other...
Then the all sat down in the chairs on the stage and again he was all over her. Once the cameras went off, the dancers would go in the middle of the stage to talk to the production person and they stayed in the chairs and his hands were around her waist and holding her hands.

You will see DONYELLE AND BENJI KISS IN THE MOUTH when it announced that Dmitry picked her name.. She gets up, benji started pouting, he grabs her hugs her and plants a big one on her mouth..I pray that they show it next week. But after I saw that, I said THEY ARE A COUPLE!!
Some other people were saying how they might be playing it up for the crowds but I hope not they are soo cute together.

also here is livejournal thing...http://community.livejournal.com/benjelle/

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Jul. 13th, 2006 03:47 am quite party

That was a fun night

Jamie and I were being bums from the time I got home from class (6pm ish) till about 12 we were just sitting in front of the tv. At about 12ish we decided we wanted to do something so we called Mel but she was being a bum and didn’t want to do anything saying she had hw to do. but we decided we were going to go pick up the beer bong table for our party on Friday. On the way to Mel’s I tell Jamie we should see if Shaun is up and wants to hang out. So we drive over to Shaun’s place his light is on so we decided to throw rocks at his window to get his attention, that doesn’t work so we call him. He is drink at this point and tells us he was about to take a nap (yes he said he was going to take a nap at 12:30 at night) but we talk him in to coming over. Then we go to Mel’s while we are there we till her we are going to kidnap her. She comes willing.

Trying to put the beer pong table in the car was really fun, we try to put it in Jamie’s car then Mel’s’ car then in Jamie’s car again I guess third time is the charm.

So we had a quite party, trying our best not to wake up our 2/3 roommates that have to go at work in the morning. We get back at about 1 and we start drinking while playing drinking games we played fuck the dealer and asswhole. Then we just talked and hang out. The “party” ended at about 3ish it was fun.

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Jul. 11th, 2006 05:49 pm heat transfer test tomorrow

Grr I have a stupid heat transfer test tomorrow. I have been a good girl and I have been studying for it like all day. I did an exam from spring 05 that I had to do for hw so that’s something. Right now I am going over notes from class. After that I think I am going to go tough and make stuff in the book since it is an open book test. It kind of sucks because when I took it before it was open book and notes do its going to suck not have notes for the test but I will take what I can get. I do feel like I know a bunch of stuff but the question is will I understand the material in content for the questions on the exams because that’s all that really matters.

Ok well I better get back to studying

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Jul. 10th, 2006 08:31 pm Academic success

I am currently on an Academic high like never before. And it’s all because of my first summer class.

First of all I rocked on all the projects I got 100’s on them all. Then I got a 98.5 on the final. Then we had this huge final project that I put a lot of time in and I got a 100’s on that also. So I was all happy about that because that means I got an A to replace the D I got before.

Then when I went to pick up my final project today I just got so much happier I had some awesome comments I got 2 “one of the best in class” and I got 1 “ extremely well done! The best in class!” and a "you have a very very great document! keep it up!" Then at the end he wrote, “ this is absolutely on industrial level engineering report. I’m not sure you worked in an engineering firm before, you seem like you worked in suck a firm before. I can see you thorough thinking process well done! Keep it up!”

So now I am so happy I probably wont last to long though because I have a heat transfer test on Wednesday and I am still looking for a job.

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Jun. 30th, 2006 12:15 pm lastest on the job seach

ok so i am waiting on two different job to get back to me to find out if i am going to get a job or not. They are both in the stage of calling my past employer and checking references. So you might not think that that bad of a thing…. But it is . I get a call from the nursing home I am applying to yesterday (on my answering machine) saying that they have been trying to call my old nursing home but keep getting a busy signal and was wondering if there was another number they could try. So I call and it was indeed busy so I looked on the website and they had a statement “Unfortunately, our business phone lines are down, so we cannot accept incoming calls. Our phone service carrier is addressing the issue.” Its just sooo crazy I don’t think I am even met to get a job. Because one I finally find people that will MAYBE hire me they can’t call the people they need to call.

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Jun. 29th, 2006 04:21 pm SUMMER JOB... or should i say LACK THEREOF

My other issue this summer is to try to get a job, because I really need one
I put in like a million applications. And hear back from a few

The shoe department- he says that he wants me to work there but there is no openings right now but I am his first choice. Mel (who works there) tell me that this will be happening soon (someone is leaving the 18th) but I can just wait around for him to make up his mind I mean its only the shoe department.

I hear back from Tops for an interview but it was for stores that aren’t close to campus to I told them no.

I had a interview with Lasertron but never hear back so that’s a no-go
I had an interview with a nursing home in the beginning of the week and I should hear back from them soon. The guy that interviewed me said that if I don’t hear back from him by today to call him. So if I don’t hear from him I will call him tomorrow afternoonish

The latest development is AJ Wright. I was just killing time yesterday on south campus waiting to met up with Shaun so I went to the plaza across the street and decided to fill out an application at AJ Wright. I filled out the application there then when I handed it in the guy gave me a quite scan over and asked me if I could come in for an interview today at 10 am with another manger. I think the interview went well and I am just waiting to hear back from the after they check my references. So we will see what happenes

I don’t know what one I would chose the nursing home pays more but its not that easy to get to, (there is no bus that goes there from buffalo, so I would have to walk there, but I would be able to take a bus back) where as AJ Wright is right across the street from south. I am thinking about maybe seeing if can do both for the summer (the next two months) then just keep one during the summer probably AJ Wright since it is so easy to get to. But first I need to get one.

I have also put in applications at-
Bath and body works, claries, Disney store, FYE, Things Remembered, Babies “R” Us, I am pretty sure there were other places also but I just don’t remember.

So I will keep sitting around waiting to hear back. If I don’t hear anything back AJ Wright or the nursing home by Monday I am going to start looking again. Maybe I will end up working at the shoe department because no one else wants me.

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Jun. 29th, 2006 04:16 pm ok so the summer

As you know I am in buffalo this summer, which is good good because if I was in Binghamton I would be like underwater. The water there is like 25 feet about what the water should be. It is coming over the floodwall how crazy is that? It’s soooo crazy that CNN is in Binghamton. For Christ sake Larry King and Anderson Copper were talking about it last night.

I am/was taking MAE 377 this summer (today is the last class). And we have a final today that I think is going to be a joke. In terms of the final grade each question is only worth .5 points so I am not worried about it. (there are 20 t/f questions and it worth 10% of the final grade). I still have to work on the final project for it, which is due July 5th by 5 pm, but I should be able to get that due.

I am also retake MAE 336 (heat transfer) this class starts on Monday. I don’t think it will be bad. I got a C- the first time I took it and I hear that the guy teaching it over the summer does it like the guy I tool it with. And the class only meets 2 days a week (Monday and Wednesday) from 2:45 to 5:55 I know it’s a big time block but its only twice a week and it could be worst. So we will see how that goes.

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Jun. 29th, 2006 04:14 pm

Ok so it’s been mad long since I updated this thing. I am not going to be one of those people who tries to tell what has happen in the last 6 months. So I will just say what’s going on know. I will put different part in different entries to make it a little easy to understand

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